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Taipei Confucius Temple Confucian Culture

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The main purpose for setting up this website is out of hopes that we may offer a rich and diversified platform on the internet for Confucian culture, and that while sharing the educational resources already available at the Confucian Temple with the public, the website also aids in the organization and spreading of Confucian culture and knowledge.

Here the public can learn more about Confucian philosophy, culture, the unique architecture of the temple, Confucian humanities, history, as well as the activities that are held in this historical area.

In order to improve the efficiency of the website, we have also included a discussion area that makes use of Facebook, the most popular social networking site on the Web at present. We hope that Confucian ideals might take root in people’s live vis-à-vis the interaction and exchanges the site provides, and hopefully allows more people to participate in sharing Confucianism as part of their daily lives. We sincerely invite our friends who feel enthusiastic about Confucianism to join us in devoting yourself to sharing Confucianism with others.

We would particularly like to express our gratitude to the director of the Research Center for Confucian Studies at Taipei Municipal University of Education, Mr. Chang Hsiao-Sheng, for the numerous writers and editors that he brought together to enthusiastically assist us in making this project possible in such a short period of time. We would also like to thank Eecom Multimedia Co. for painstakingly planning the project under such a tight schedule. If you have any comments or suggestions that might help us in improving the site, please feel free to contact us.

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