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Taipei Confucius Temple Confucian Culture

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Number 1.大龍佾生、total 3 picture
Number 1., 大龍佾生、total 3 picture
Number 2., 副市長、total 3 picture
Number 3., 大龍國小佾生、total 3 picture

【Press Release: 2021 Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple】 2021 Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple: Honoring Confucius’ 2571st birthday while ad

The 2021 Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony Honoring Confucius’ 2571st Birthday officially took place at 6am on September 28 (Tuesday) at the Taipei Confucius Temple. Taipei City deputy mayor, Huang Shan-Shan, was the primary presiding official of the ceremony and Kung Chui-Chang, Confucius' 79th-generation main-line descendant, was the ceremony conductor. Deputy presiding officials include Ku Hung-Yi and Chen Chih-Hsiu, descendants of land donors to the Confucius Temple; Chen Su-Hui, deputy commissioner of Taipei City’s Department of Education; Liu Te-Chien, chief secretary of Taipei City’s Department of Cultural Affairs; Wang Hsiang-Chin, commissioner of the Taipei Confucius Temple governing board; Wu Cheng-Che, principal of Dalong Elementary School; Ma Chia-Yen, principal of Kai Ping Culinary School; and Chang Fu-Mai, director of Bao’an Village of Datong District, Taipei City. VIP guests include Hsu Kuo-Yung, Minister of the Interior, who graced the ceremony on behalf of Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-Wen.
It was no easy feat to complete the ceremony with full adherence to the pandemic control measures. All parties involved in the preparations had put in extra efforts to ensure a smooth running of the event. Personnel involved were ceremony conductors, musicians, dancers and caterers, whose ceremonial duties were shouldered by esteemed Dalongtong gentlemen, Taipei ChongQing Junior High School students, Dalong Elementary School students and Kai Ping Culinary School students, respectively. Each year they have all demonstrated professional work standards with which the cultural traditions are being passed on.
Due to COVID-19, we complied with the Central Epidemic Command Center’s enhanced Alert Level 2 measures and kept the attendance number under 300 this year. To further avoid cluster infections, we cancelled audience viewing as part of the pandemic prevention measures implementation. We hoped to preserve traditions while ensuring the health and safety of all personnel involved.
Although the on-site attendance was cancelled, the general public could still watch the live streaming of the ceremony online. As usual, the Taipei Confucius Temple had prepared 300 servings of Wisdom Cakes available for pickup by anyone at the end of the ceremony at 9 AM at the Zhi-Yi Gate inside the Taipei Confucius Temple. The Wisdom Cakes were packaged with the concept of “Enjoying Blessed Food” to share and pass around wisdom and good fortune.