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Manifestations of Ren: Zhongshu

Loyalty (zhong) can be defined as being true and honest to oneself and maintaining a good conscience, while tolerance (shu) is putting oneself in others’ shoes and treating others without prejudice so that everyone can be honest to himself. In other words, “loyalty and tolerance” can be interpreted as loving oneself and others, letting oneself live according to one’s nature and allowing others to live true to their nature.

But since every individual has unique qualities and characteristics, Confucius strongly advocates teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. Even when it comes to teaching the same student, there are a variety of methods that can be used by a teacher. This concept of teaching became greatly influential. The core concept of Confucianism is for every individual to restore the nature they were born with and live according to the natural laws of the universe. Confucius believed this in turn would bring about peace and prosperity in the world.

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