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Number 1.Confucius, His Life, Thought, and influence、total 1 picture
  • Edited by:Kung Te-cheng
  • Publisher:Taipei Confucius Temple Governing Board
  • Language:English

Confucius, His Life, Thought, and influence

Content Introduction

This book is a collection of Speeches during a European tour by Prof. Kung Te-Cheng, the 77th lineal descendant of Confucius.

Author Introduction

Kung Te-Cheng, the 77th lineal descendent of Confucius, was born in 1920 in Chufu, Shantung Province. His very special family background enabled him to receive the most strict and perfect traditional education, which equipped him as one of the few scholars intensely specializing in Confucian thought and other aspects of Chinese traditional culture. In 1935, the government conferred upon him a new responsibility—officer in charge of the national Confucius Birthday Ceremony. Kung, at just 15, was the youngest appointed official, won with his performance before both the government and the Chinese people the most widespread respect.
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