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Taipei Confucius Temple Confucian Culture

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【Press Release: 2020 Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony at Taipei Confucius Temple】 Celebrating Confucius’ birthday with a difference: safe, informative and fun

The Confucius Day Commemoration Ceremony in 2020 featured a special set of magic numbers: 2570, 50, 90. In this even-numbered year, there would be a pre-ceremony funfair from 10:30am to 04:00pm on September 27 (Sunday) on Dalong Street, which would be closed on the day for the event. In the funfair, you can take part in hands-on, interactive challenges for a bit of harmless thrills. Those who successfully completed all challenges would be rewarded with a leek-shaped stationery sachet of limited editions. The idea is for everyone to experience the invisible assets of Confucian culture in a fun, creative manner. The day will culminate with musical performances by MelFlow, a female duet, and VOX, an all-male a cappella group. The funfair admission is free.

It’s been 90 years since DaLong Elementary School’s Yi-Wu dance troupe first performed in the Confucius Day Ceremony. The students who had been practicing the 96-step dance routine during their summer holidays and in the mornings would be presenting their Yi-Wu dance moves on the Confucius’ birthday ceremony. Everyone is cordially invited to witness this millennium-old cultural rite preserved by three generations of ceremony conductors, musicians, and dancers.